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Women's Mental Health

A woman has to endure multiple stresses- unlike any man in the society! While caring for everyone else, they forget to care for themselves... To all the women out there, take care of yourself first!

Why is it important to focus on women’s mental health in particular?

  • Very different stresses as compared to men
  • Have to balance relationships
  • Have to manage household work and at the same time, manage professional responsibilities
  • Taking care of children as the primary parent

Women often forget to take care of themselves while taking care of everyone else’s needs. They need to take care of their own health- both physical and mental health.

What exactly is mental health?

  • Managing our own thoughts, emotions and behaviour and not letting stressful situations affect our daily life and our interaction with others.

A few simple strategies to take care of mental health:

  • Structure your day with a schedule or a time-table
  • Focus on factors within your control and don’t worry about factors beyond your control
  • Have a balanced diet to boost your immunity- after all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body
  • Take adequate rest and maintain your sleep cycle
  • Do regular physical exercise/ yoga
  • Practice mindfulness/ meditation/ pranayama

Look out for early signs that mental well-being is affected

  • Irritability, mood changes, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite.
  • Talk to someone, express your feelings
  • Seek professional help is required
  • Seek help early- don’t wait till it’s too late.



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