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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between online and offline consultation?

In an offline consultation, you will be required to visit our clinic for an appointment, where you will meet the doctor or therapist personally for a session.
In an online consultation, you will be consulting with our experts via video conferencing.

Why choose online consult over offline/in-person consult?

Offline consults require you to physically travel to our clinic, whereas in an online consult, you have the ability to have the consult from a place of your choice and confort.

How long does a consultation last?

Our consultations usually last for around 30 min. However, the exact duration will differ from person to person and depending on the issue.

What is new appointment and what is follow-up?

When you visit us for a consultation for the first time, it will be a new consultation. Any consultations regarding the same issue will be classified as follow-up if they are within 6 months of the previous appointment. If the next appointment is later than 6 months from the previous one, it will be classified as a new appointment.

How do I know if and when to book a follow-up appointment?

Usually, during the course of the first consultation, you and the therapist will decide a plan of action, including follow-up appointments, medication dosage and duration, home assignments, etc. This will help you decide regarding when to schedule a follow-up. You may also wish to schedule a follow-up sooner if problems persist, or you wish to discuss another issue/problem.