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Optiwise - Maximise Your Potential

Maximise your potential

Do you want to maximise your potential and optimise your level of functioning ? Do you wish to become the best version of yourself ? Improve your resilience, optimism, social engagements & coping skills with our services…

The oft repeated phrase ‘ An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’ is just as significant in mental health as in physical health. Similar to lifestyle modifications for preventing common physical ailments, positive psychiatry helps to develop positive psychosocial characteristics to promote well being & longevity of the population and optimizes the potential of an individual.

We at PsyClarity have immense experience in promoting mental health through individual and group level interventions. We identify individuals with high risk for future mental illness and undertake proven strategies to enhance their mental health and improve overall wellbeing.

Come and visit us to focus on promoting wellness rather than only treating illness.