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Would you be interested in a test that could help you identify whether or not you have a psychological issues that needs diagnosis and treatment ?
Physical illnesses are perceived differently than mental illnesses, usually because they have some form of testing available to identify them and make a confirmed diagnosis. Often mental illness are stigmatised and minimised because the symptoms are viewed as subjective. Psychometric testing provides the objectivity to provide a confirmed diagnosis.

Psychometrics deals with objective evaluation of mental health issues including testing, scoring and assessments. These help to make reliable and valid diagnosis of one’s psychological and psychiatric issues.

We, at PsyClarity, adopt the highest testing & evaluation standards. These include IQ tests, personality testing, scoring for depression, anxiety and other psychological evaluations like Rorscharch test, MMPI etc. We also offer testing for children including IQ, ADHD, LD, Autism screens and more.

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